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Barrington Boots:
Good review BCB although it's different strokes for different folks as I enjoyed Wizwar and Jump Junior but found Evil Eye and Gums both fell flat. That's the beauty of a comic like this though, there's so much in it.

Disappointing to hear it's being stocked at Smiths alongside 2000ad instead of with the regular comics: I'd have thought that'd be hurting it, distribution wise.

Bad City Blue:
Yes, it's always subjective and I applaud that effort and the fact Rebellion are giving this a go.

In my Smiths it was by the 2000ADs and computer mags. I made them move them to the Beano/Phoenix area where they belong.

The placement is set by head office, so it'll be the same everywhere

Dash Decent:

--- Quote ---Every issue, young readers will laugh out loud all new adventures from familiar faces such as Sweeny Toddler, Frankie Stein, The Leopard from Lime Street, and Draculass, while new stories like Tokoloshe, Hell’s Angel and Scare Salon will quickly become firm favourites thanks to breakout talents like Juni Ba (Monkey Meat), Robin Etherington (one half of the Etherington Brothers (How to Think When You Draw, the world’s most successful crowd-funded art and writing tutorial series), Matt Baxter (The Phoenix), and kids’ comics legends like Tom Paterson (The Beano).
--- End quote ---

Sweeny and the Leopard from Lime Street?  Brilliant!

Dash Decent:

--- Quote from: IndigoPrime on 20 September, 2021, 03:39:14 PM ---As a parent of a youngling, these lines are interesting:

“awesome free subscriber gifts the kids will love”

Given the point about plastic tat in the press release I got, I would hope the free gifts would be meaningful and relatively eco-friendly and also not tat. My kid has so much _stuff_. She doesn’t really need more.

--- End quote ---

I think the first free gift is a PJ Holden or a Lew Stringer:

--- Quote from: pauljholden on 21 September, 2021, 01:53:07 PM ---He's definitely in the halloween spooktacular (as am I, I think)

--- End quote ---

Yes, I’m knackered from running from house to house of everyone who bought one. I should read my contracts more carefully.


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