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While I wasn’t taken by most of the Halloween special (to be fair it’s not aimed at a middle aged bloke like me… but I do enjoy some entertainment targeted towards kids. This is no criticism of the artwork, by the way, that was great.) I enjoyed the new Leopard strip. I did raise an eyebrow at the Totem theme, as I remember that being an arc in Spider-man as well and Leopard borrows a lot from that already. They seem to be doing something a bit different with it here though, so fair enough.

I will probably buy the next issue or two to see how it goes. Not sure I’ll get it just for The Leopard of Lime Street as that would prove expensive, but the rest of the strips were not awful, and I’m happy to give them more of a chance.

Regardless of whether I continue to get this or not, I am very glad it exists and that Rebellion are expanding their comics output.


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