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I don't know what its like nationally, but Beano distribution in my area was so patchy and unreliable that I had to go down the subscription route.

I am in if there will be a Leopard strip


--- Quote from: IndigoPrime on 20 September, 2021, 01:21:42 PM ---Rebellion obviously sees a possible space for Monster Fun, and there must be a level of newsstand support to allow that to happen.

--- End quote ---

Yeah… I was just about to post something similar. You don't take a punt on an undertaking like this without a lot of really solid market research, and the support of your distributor. Clearly, they have data that says there's a strong enough market for this to make it worth a punt.

(And I've never argued that Regened shouldn't be its own thing, only tried to provide some context as to why it isn't.)

FWIW, if Rebellion is playing a long game here, I think this new title makes it more likely that Regened, or some variation thereon, will make the jump to a standalone at some point in the future.

If Monster Fun is targeted at the lower end of the reading ages, then adding a more YA-oriented title into the age bracket above it is a smart strategy and creates a direct pathway to feed readers into 2000AD proper — get 'em when they're young, provide something for them to move on to when they outgrow Monster Fun, and hopefully keep enough of them in the general habit of reading comics that they'll move on again to the 'grown up' titles when they outgrow Regened.

Just an interesting question why choose Monster Fun and not something like Buster or Cor. I though both these titles where bigger.

Colin YNWA:

--- Quote from: IndigoPrime on 20 September, 2021, 01:21:42 PM ---I don’t think this does anything to contradict what Jim and others have said about Regened. It’s a combination of tactics, markets and what distributors/stores will take.

--- End quote ---

I know I was just teasing!


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