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Well my account finally got approved after several months, I emailed support in the end but it's possible there are other accounts pending if anyone does admin stuff here.

Just saying hi. Have long dipped into 2000ad when I've seen it but I'd never seriously collected it to read until recently. Currently going back and reading a lot of older stuff, whilst trying to make sense of the newer progs and enjoying it a lot. Definitely a lot of catching up needed though surprising that I remember reading through some of the older stuff. There's still a lot of assumed knowledge though, much like getting into any long running comic so it can be a bit confusing at times.

Welcome to the forum!

Funt Solo:
In the dusty bunker complex, one of the tidy-up droids randomly ventured to the upper levels and heard a faint scratching at the upper airlock...

Welcome and enjoy your catch-up

Trooper McFad:
Welcome aboard and enjoy the chat. Any questions will be answered buy the more informed Squaxx


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