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Hope you’re all good. I need your help, I am trying to find a particular story and can’t remember what issue/Annual it was in. I do though remember the premise (I think it might have been a Tharg’s future shocks)

(spoiler alerts)

The story is about a captain of a space ship who is leaving a captains log on the ship’s computer telling the story of how he has put the crew into their sleep chambers and set the course for their destination which they are meant to arrive at many years hence. The kicker is that because the chambers lock from the outside there’s no one left but him and he can’t put himself to sleep meaning, well, he’s doomed.

If anyone remembers or knows which issue/annual this is in that would be very much appreciated!!

Thanks very much.

I suspect it's The Long Sleep by Peter Milligan and Jeff Anderson from Prog 435, but annoyingly I can't lay my hands on that prog at the moment.

This is particularly annoying as that's the next prog in my prog slog (which explains why it isn't where it would usually be, but doesn't help me check).

Colin YNWA:
I think it's 'The Long Sleep' with art by Jeff Anderson, 1 pager. But I'm basing that on a Barney search as I watch girl child at swim club (and probably too lazy to go double check if I was at home!)


Thank you so much!!!! I had it when I was a kid and it is just one of those stories that left a lasting impression I have since bought loads of annuals on line looking for it, to no avail,  but this helps so much and I am genuinely grateful for you guys taking the time to answer my post.

Thanks again!!!!

Haven't find my copy yet (it can't be far away as I'd have gotten it out ready for prog sloggage) so I had a listen to the Space Spinner 2000 episode which would feature it (didn't listen to the rest so it won't influence whatever I end up writing in my blog).

Anyway, confirmed - I had the last panel in my head, and had the idea it was a Jeff Anderson picture and I was right: around the one hour mark.  Though listen to it all as it's all going to be great!


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