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Open Letter to Rebellion regarding Judge Dredd and the Worlds of 2000AD

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I wasn't sure whether I should weigh in on this one - I don't have any insider knowledge but did purchase a fair amount of what came out from EN Publishing (I think I only missed a couple of print-on-demand and pdf-only items).

--- Quote from: KainGuru on 18 November, 2021, 12:02:43 AM ---It's with bitter disappointment that, yet again, the license to develop the 2000AD IP on the TTRPG platform has been discontinued.
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That's one way to put it - my understanding was that EN themselves let it expire.

--- Quote ---Admittedly the games could have had a higher profile at game conventions etc but lets point to the elephant in the room .... covid.
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Not so much an elephant in the room, more the cause that EN put down in their announcement, but moving on...

--- Quote ---4) Hasbro/WoTC have invested heavily in promoting the likes of Critical Role et al. DnD's IP emerged from the game, over time, rather than being part of the game from the outset.
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Hmmm - well, some of the elements which are still with us (and appear as copyrighted elements as exclusions to the Open Gaming Licence) from the very first supplements (and were originally developed in Gygax and chums home games from before there was a first edition).

--- Quote ---To abandon this latest TTRPG effort just as it's gaining momentum is, IMHO, frankly reckless.
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As I say - I don't have any insider knowledge but didn't the kickstarter for the core rulebook Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000AD reach its target within nine minutes of launch?  And didn't it then exceed it by factors of ten?  To gain momentum from that start would be quite a feat - my take on the failure to renew was that EN didn't sell as many of the follow-up books as they'd hoped.

--- Quote ---Do you know what makes a TTRPG player excited? a game with a lot of optional source material and, to be fair, EN Publishing has exceeded the output of WoTC during the same pandemic restricted period. That fact alone is laudable.
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The general strategy of WotC/Hasbrow for fifth edition has been to avoid overwhelming the market with supplements and extensions to the rules - a common criticism of 3/3.5/D20.

I'm not sure what is really being suggested here - that Rebellion (a computer games developer, media publisher and IP management company) allow a company with an expired licence to continue releasing products?  That EN Publishing continue to spend money and resources on writing, developing and editing publications which - I suspect - aren't selling that many copies?

My take on EN Publishing themselves - I quite liked what they were releasing but haven't had a chance to run or play any of it so I'm unsure how well it actually works, running through comic storyline-based scenarios from 2099 onwards.  As I own previous versions of Dredd RPGs, plus Sláine and Strontium Dog, I was a little disappointed that it took so long to tread new ground with the Rogue Trooper book.  What I was really looking forward to will now never transpire (not under WOiN, anyway) - all the other 2000AD characters that have never been adapted.


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