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Colin YNWA:
And landed. Have to say its a handsome beast of a comic. Really nicely presented and the art looks great. Not a million miles from Scott McCloud.

I was in a rush tonight (girl child swimming of course!) so forgot to do the smell test.

This will get a pass on the read list but still might take me a wee while to get to. Look forward to reporting back when I have.

I do look forward ot that, but don't push it up your reading list on my account! It's 350 pages and Judge Dredd (sort of) is only in one panel.

Colin YNWA:

--- Quote from: AlexF on 08 March, 2022, 09:19:00 AM ---I do look forward ot that, but don't push it up your reading list on my account! It's 350 pages and Judge Dredd (sort of) is only in one panel.

--- End quote ---

He is indeed, nice reference AND The Princess Bride gets a nod so that's double good!

Anyway having 'tested positive' at last I'm finding illness has an upside. Yesterday I couldn't read so watched 4 episodes of a telly show - 3 of which I enjoyed - I never get to do that. Today I've found I'm still poorly (a bit) but able to read again and so have spent the morning catching up with the second half of 'Two Heads' and its an absolute triumph. I say this not to flatter Alex simply 'cos it is.

Firstly the fact that's its a comic is SO adapt given its subject matter, one of cooperation and diversity. What better way to express that than via a medium that mixes the skills of the writer and artist to get to a better outcome than either could do on their own. Something that this book demonstrates both in content and in ability to get complex ideas into my simple noggin (though I have learnt that I'm actually WEIRD and the creators flatter me by calling me smart - bless um!) Its masterfully done.

The art does indeed hark to that other genius of non fiction comics Scott McCloud - well being a BIG fan of Zot comics generally but he's best known for his non-fiction. Its simple, straightfoward, disarming and in that able to convey complex things very, very clearly. Its sparks with imagination (not sure how much this is from script or joint discussion?) and allows the words to remain in clear focus, while never being diminished in and of itself. Its a lovely comic to read.

The real masterstroke is the way the 'tale' is told. The first half feels a little disconnected to its overarching theme, as none neuroscientists are introduced to some basic themes and concepts. Then there's a little interlude about the world of science and how it works leading to a second half that starts to pull all the threads, laid out so expertly in the first together into a cohesive whole. Its has an epic and genuinely heartwarming conclusion, that really should be read by so many folks I suspect will never hear of the comic.

Thence I call this a tale, as while its a non-fiction its structure is that of a story, it pulls you through, lays the 'characters' and 'clues' out for you and then steady pulls you through to understand its single overarching narrative. Its makes it an effortless read, even with such an apparently weighty subject matter.

So the structure makes this readable and draws you through the telling makes it a pleasure. The tale as told by Uta and Chris Frith is done in such a relexed conversational style its not like your reading a popular science book rather sat around a table chatting to two entirely engaging individuals, both of whom seem genuinely funny (very funny at times) and charming - which given how brilliant they clearly are is a bit annoying, couldn't they be all lofty or summit?!? Its like a fascintating conversation (and Daniel Locke's 'friendly' art really elevates this) - if one-sided. Like when your chatting to some folks that are so interesting you just listen and ask more to find out what they know.

I have to say, and this is something I never thought I'd say about a book about psychology, its enchanting, that's the best way to describe it, enchanting, especially that ending, which is a magical message we should listen to.

Heartly recommended!

Wow! I couldn't ask for higher praise or more sincere words. Am v. glad this books seems to be working, it's mighty indulgent writing about your own parents...


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