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Captain Condor from Hibernia Press available to order now..

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Colin YNWA:
Just in case folks haven't seen it the latest Fleetway File book from Hibneria Press is out now - Captain Condor

As with all things Hibneria an insta purchase for me and you should make it so for yourself too.

Colin YNWA:
Some more info from Downthetubes

The Amstor Computer:
I rarely post, but just popping up to say that I hope everyone who picks up a copy of this enjoys it. It's been a real labour of love, and it wouldn't have been possible to get it over the line without David's patience, Rebellion's support and some great scans of missing issues from Steve Holland. It's our largest release so far in terms of page count IIRC, and while Condor has a bit of an unfair rep as a Dan Dare-a-like, the three stories collected here show why he was so successful for so long, as Frank Pepper scripts a tight, fun set of adventures and Brian Lewis's art lifts it to the next level.

Thanks Colin! (thanks for the order too)

As Richard says, this is a labour of love, and without it turning into a backslapping fest, the work that no one will see that Richard put into this was extraordinary, for design and clean up, to reconstructing pages, just great. Steve Holland too came to the rescue with a lot of hard to find scans.

I do think this collection will be an eyeopener, not only to Captain Condor as a character, but also to Brian Lewis' amazing artwork!

The Mind of Wolfie Smith:
i treasure this whole series.


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