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I was taking it as read that my Robo-Hunter vote is for the *proper* stories ('78-'85) and not any of the reboot nonsense from the 90s.

Robo-hunter (Sam)

The art of Dave is doing a lot of heavy lifting [along with some lucky draws] to carry Brigand Doom into round 4.

This for me ^^^^

I have no memories of the tribal one and love the alt-Meg One story and art so much I bought the hardback!


Off Topic / Re: Is Block Wars The Future?
« on: 11 May, 2022, 04:51:49 PM »
Its all a bit Orwellian... even down to the doublespeak.

Classifieds / Re: Shimura splash page - Colin MacNeil for sale!
« on: 11 May, 2022, 04:46:06 PM »
Huzzah! The Milky Bars are on Rich!

Couldn't be ersed with either... so a half point each.

Film & TV / Re: Current TV Boxset Addiction
« on: 11 May, 2022, 04:37:40 PM »
Damned by faint ( and not so faint) praise, will continue to avoid.

Events / Re: BHP Glasgow Comic Con 4 June drinkies?
« on: 11 May, 2022, 01:52:35 PM »

To be perfectly Frank...

Film & TV / Re: Current TV Boxset Addiction
« on: 11 May, 2022, 01:40:09 PM »

Halfway through season 2 of Raised by Wolves and I'm beginning to wonder if it's all part of the Alien universe...

Heard so much dissing of this I avoided it, worth a watch?

But, frankly, it can go to hell for “sexual assault for lawks”.
I have no memory of this, explain? I knew there was something that put me off LZ.

I was going to reread the whole of lowlife now they are much cheapness in the 2k shop,,,

Prog / Re: Prog 2280 - High-Octane Sci-Fi Action!
« on: 11 May, 2022, 01:33:25 PM »

Prog / Re: Dredd: The Citadel
« on: 10 May, 2022, 11:49:44 AM »
The Sov-Dredd did seem to be a bit of a 'throw away' (sorry) plot angle and not fully thought through.

I could be totally mis-remembering, but didn't the big W used to run stories by some or our now sadly departed boarders to Mega check them?

General / Re: Sideshow Vote: We all are going on a summer holiday
« on: 10 May, 2022, 11:30:51 AM »
They were dark days indeed. Following the muddy brown and green dabs of the early colourists, this was the Progs low point.

Film & TV / Re: New Doctor Who Picked.
« on: 10 May, 2022, 11:21:43 AM »
Yes, its called acting....


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