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2000AD Smilies: Make your own!

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Excellent stuff.

--- Quote from: GrudgeJohnDeed on 18 July, 2013, 11:32:02 PM ---cheers mate! theyre fun to make, any requests?

--- End quote ---

Nemesis & Torquemada - but they've both got long pointy bits, so may not be easy.


hows that? couldnt really make it look like the big circular smileys!

nice  - maybe narrow the snout a bit, shouldn't be as wide as his head, but I like it!

yeah im not very familiar with nemesis the warlock, most of it was before my time and then i mustve missed book ten..

i was using images like this for reference

i thought it best to pronounce it for the smiley? makes good use of the space too.

but here it is a little narrower -

right, heres my go at torquemada for ya bud.. it was a nightmare! his mask seems to vary so much, from my google search.


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