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Rebellion to 'Reboot' Roy of the Rovers

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Colin YNWA:
When drifting through the BBC News pages this lunch time stumbled across this beauty


Not spotted it mentioned before but apologies if it has been.

ANYWAY immediately I started to day dream about Rok of the Reds running as a second feature and hey presto gateway comic... well my dreams don't have to be hampered by any reality!

Professor Bear:
I'm very interested in seeing what their business plan and format/frequency is for this.  I don't think an anthology comic has much of a chance given the changes in the market, but if anything could launch one, it would be a brand that is arguably bigger than Dredd or Dan Dare in terms of cultural awareness in the UK.  Print remains a risky and expensive venture these days, though - even before you get to the problems of the high street chains effectively running a shakedown racket on publishers of marginal books.

Seeing as we're dreaming the dreams of madmen, I'd like to see an anthology more or less identical to the actual Roy of the Rovers comic, but with more diverse characters and strips that dip their toes into other genres, printed on recycled bog paper so its environmentally-friendly, some of the strips in black and white, and with a line of articles that focus on sports stars rather than, say, reality tv people, bands, or actors.
Roy would ideally be reinvented as a Gary Linneker-style Centrist Dad celebrity pundit who fondly remembers his comics heyday, thus making him directly relevant to nostalgic 40 and 50-something UK comics readers.  The comic will feature Johnny Cougar, even if Rebellion don't own the rights to Johnny Cougar.  He will wrestle a bear on a raft that is threatening to fall over a waterfall and he will do this at least twice a month.  When the rights holders of Johnny Cougar object, the Kingsley boys will challenge them to an IRL wrestling match - not necessarily on a raft going over a waterfall - and winner takes all.  Their ringer will be William Regal actually fuck the football comic I just want to see this last bit.

It's real Roy of the Rovers stuff.

Can't say I am too interested in Roy of the Rovers.

But surely it's time Rebellion got their hands on the archives of la-la-la-la-la-Look-in*. Those Brian Moore soccer tips and Benny Hill funny pages are begging for a reprint.

Blimey, my brother had this issue. Was so jealous of the Bionic x-ray eye I tried to make one.

John Burns: Bionic Woman.

Jim Baikie: Charlie's Angels.

Arthur Ranson: Sapphire & Steel.

Martin Asbury… the list goes on.

*An impossible licensing nightmare.

I would love to see Ranson's Sapphire and Steel get reprinted.


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