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Sad to hear that Jim has passed away, one of my favourite 2000ad artists, especially on Skizz and New Statesmen RIP

I said this on the generic RIP thread, but it's more appropriate here.

I was introduced to 2000AD by being given a batch of comics by my neighbour at the time, the earliest of which was 308 and the latest around the low 320s.  So my introductory prog was also Skizz's first prog.  By the time I got to actually by a prog, 330 had rolled around, with the last episode of Skizz, so my early back-prog-buying days were filling in the gaps for Skizz.

Being brought up in the country (and the a small city) I don't think I'd ever been anywhere that had been featured in films, TV or comics, until I went to Birmingham, which to me was the set for Skizz :-)

Link Prime:
RIP Jim Baikie.

Liked all of his output for the House of Tharg, but loved his work on Tomorrow Stories with Alan Moore.

Horrendous news, Mr Baikie was a stunning artist & draughtsman. His work on Skizz was all the stronger by being so thoroughly grounded with detail.

Great artist and a real 2000ad staple in my younger days.  RIP Z


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