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Jim Baikie

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Richard S.:
Some Jim Baikie Christmas cards...happy holidays!


 Ace,  cheers!

The composition and sense of gravity and momentum in this one, in a Santa pic - what a master:

Colin YNWA:
Wow astonishing find. Those are fantastic so unlike Jim Baikie as we know him, yet still identifibly Jim Baikie. What a talent.

Y'know, if you took Jim's name off those and told me they were by Steve Parkhouse, I wouldn't have batted an eyelid. Given that I think Steve is one of the most under-appreciated cartoonists in the modern era, I hope that comes across as the compliment it's intended to be…

Richard S.:
and (purely by co-incidence) on my blog a year ago today I looked at Jim's Dredd contribution to "Loadsa Funnies"



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