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Professor Bear:
Completely forgot Jim's First American work for ABC, which coincided with my getting into the regular Captain America comics and was hilariously on-the nose, right down to Baikie's style foreshadowing the school of art that would come to be synonymous with post-911 Cap after years of being drawn in the Marvel house style by the likes of Ron Lim or Dan Jurgens.

The Jintycomic blog has an obit for Jim, as he was a versatile and prolific contributor to that comic long before he started drawing in 2000ad.  Hopefully we'll see some of his old work resurface in the Meg floppies or future collections from Rebellion, as it's only while getting into these old UK titles and seeing artists draw normal people in regular settings rather than the aliens and robots of 2000ad that I started to appreciate what craftsmen they really were.  I recommend you click on the Jinty blog's tag for Baikie to see him on top drawing form, as well as some ongoing discussions about his contributions as a writer.

Fond memories of Skizz as a nipper, so the news is very sad.
A superbly versatile artist who will be sorely missed!  :'(

Max Headroom:
Although I am not that familiar with a lot of Jim's work, I thought that 'Skizz' was a great little tale and quite unusual. Rest In Peace.

Sad to hear of Jim's passing - a fantastic artist and, going by what I've heard over the years, a nice guy.  Best wishes to his family.

Just been alerted to this sad news thanks to the Thrill Mail. A cracking obit for Mr Baikie on Down the Tubes, fantastic to find out how long and varied a career he head. His art made me cry and rage and shudder in equal measure.


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