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Rebellion reprinting Trigan Empire

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Colin YNWA:
Well this is a biggie.


Have to say after years of coveting this I got hold of an old edition and... well wasn't that impressed. It looked beautiful but just wasn't for me. That said I'm sure there are many who will tell you otherwise.

The Amstor Computer:
Excellent news - it's a series that really deserves to be available in a more affordable, widely-available format.

From memory, the most recent editions of The Trigan Empire used scans of the original art rather than scans of the printed comics. Hopefully that will be possible here too. At 300-ish pages, five or six volumes should see the whole saga reprinted too, so with any luck the whole thing will be available again fairly quickly.

Rogue Judge:
I've never hear of this, but a fully colored sci-fi epic spanning several volumes has me more than interested. And that cover is amazing too.

Is this series kind of like Dan Dare?

Looking forward to this, awesome stuff


--- Quote from: Rogue Judge on 20 May, 2019, 03:19:38 PM ---Is this series kind of like Dan Dare?

--- End quote ---

No, it's the story of a Sci-fi Roman-esque Empire.


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