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007: No time to die

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So the title comes from a James Bond film title generator and they seem to be saddled with making this a sequel to one of, if not, the poorest Craig Bonds.

But it does look smart and sexy with a great cast and some stupid stunts (which you gotta assume they did for reals). And top marks for the final image referencing the gun barrel that opens Bond movies.

There’s not been a Craig Bond film that I haven’t loved, even if one or two of them have featured massive plot nonsense holes. Let’s face it, he’s got the role down to a tee, half of Britain’s best actors will turn up at some point, the stunts will take your breath away... what’s not to like? It’s BOND.
Leave your disbelief* at the door and enjoy yourself. They’re always a hoot.

Oddly enough, it’s Skyfall, one of the best received ones, that I found most insufferable. Not a bloody thing about that film made sense.

The Craig Bond films for gradually has decreased in quality.  I just had a big dislike in Skyfall. The trailer looks good

How many DB5s does he own?

I think its been a steady downhill decline in quality since Martin Campbell rebooted the series with Casino Royale, which is a great movie.

Hope they do something radical with the casting, or the direction for next one. Would have loved to have seen what Danny Boyle would have done with the series, and a shame that he decided he couldn't continue the project.

Trailer looks great, and hopefully the movie gives Daniel Craig the send-off he deserves.


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