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Among The Living GN - Dredd exclusive version available

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Leigh S:
Hopefully this doesnt belong in the copyright infringement section! 

May have to take the plunge on this if I can find more detail about it....Each song has it's own story, so what will be the "I am the Law" tale....



Linky to the News item on the front page

It's a shame the Dredd cover doesn't come as one of the picture disc bundles unless I've missed something. All of the deluxe options seem to be standard cover only.


Barrington Boots:
This is very much in my ballpark and some good names attached to it - not even the odious touch of Rob Zombie is offputting. I like the EC-style cover more than the Dredd one I think.

I am interested fan of the album. But I don't think I have ever read a good comic about a band or involving a band.  So I am a little weary to fork out on it.. not sure of the shipping to EU also.

So what do you reckon?  Will it be any good?


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