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(W) Al Ewing, Rob Williams, Michael Carroll (A) Simon Fraser, John Higgins (A/CA) Caspar Wijngaard
2000 AD Presents All-Star Judge Dredd is a thrill-powered showcase of the past and shocking present of the iconic lawman of the future! Witness the birth of the world of Judge Dredd in an incendiary preview of upcoming prequel graphic novel Dreadnoughts by Michael Carroll with art by Watchmen's John Higgins. Fan-favourite Judge Hershey travels to the ends of the earth to dispense her own brand of justice in long-anticipated blockbuster spin-off, Hershey: Disease by Rob Williams (Suicide Squad) and Simon Fraser (Doctor Who). Along-side these teases for Fall 2021 epics enjoy a bone-rattling all new stand-alone Dredd caper from elite writer Al Ewing (Immortal Hulk, Marvel's Empyre) and Caspar Wijngaard (Star Wars, Home Sick Pilots)!

Preview Material
Rating: Teen
In Shops on Free Comic Book Day 2021!

It looks like not all FCBD comics will be available on the 14th August, this was on the Gosh!Comics website

Have to start with a Free Comic Book Day update (again)! We've been informed that UK accounts will not be receiving the full range of FCBD titles in time for the official date of the 14th. It's the old shipping capacity issue again, something which has been affecting even the regular deliveries of late, let alone the massive quantity of stock that constitutes FCBD. We've been told that we'll have all titles by the 25th August, so we will be moving our FCBD offering to Saturday the 28th August. Expect more updates as the big day approaches.

FP are now saying it's the 28th August??????

Colin YNWA:
Was chatting to the man who runs my LCS (Sheffield Space Centre - wonderful shop) and he said they think they will have about 3/4s of the title by next weekend so they are going to go for it, though it will be a bit different.

I think next week is the offical date but there is flex given the circumstances its entirely possible FP are waiting for everything to be in?

No one selling this year’s FCBD on eBay yet other than US sellers. Assume then it is one of the ones yet to make it to LCS’s??


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