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Subbie voucher for the 2K shop?

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--- Quote from: Molch-R on 10 February, 2021, 05:29:07 PM ---
--- Quote from: BPP on 10 February, 2021, 04:31:26 PM ---Add this to the new ‘oh you didn’t get your physical prog, well we’re out and so have a digital instead’ and the days of Denise are well and truly behind us.

--- End quote ---

I'm sorry, but I really do have to say something in response to this. I think your comment is very much undeserved. Simon and Cameron on our customer services team have been going above and beyond over the past year. They are both working from home, dealing with a postal service that is losing up to 10 per cent of issues sent out every week, sending out replacement issues as quickly as possible, and dealing with hundreds of new queries and issues a day.

This situation continues to be awful and it is uncharitable in the extreme to suggest they don't care or are providing a sub-standard service. We're sorry that circumstances are not ideal, but they are providing a first rate service and I'm really quite disappointed to read your comment.

--- End quote ---

I could write a very angry reply to this but I won’t. I’ll observe I haven’t mentioned Simon or Cameron -both of whom I know nothing about. What I will say is that REBELLIONS policy of ‘you didn’t get your physical prog, have a digital copy’ is what’s at issue. Many of us have complete physical collections of 2000AD so a digital issue is not what we’ve contracted with REBELLION to deliver. And while progs have gone awol in the past for a prog to be sold put 3 weeks after its shelf date suggests REBELLION haven't adapted their policies to deal with whatever conditions they are facing. And having a senior member of the management team snap at me and impute insults to staff i didn’t give is A BIT MUCH.

As for losing 10% of your issues - my household gets Royal Mail daily from multiple suppliers. Only your product hasn’t arrived. I’d suggest crisis talks to resolve this anomalous disparity.

I'm not sure what the score is with the discount voucher TBH.  Looking at the add it looks like:

Print subs:

Annual combi's - set of badges, 50% off voucher

Annual single title - single badge, 50% voucher

Monthly combi - 50% voucher

Digital - 50% voucher

So any subscriber should, according to what is in print, at least be getting the voucher.  Little unclear about when it becomes available.  IIRC last time it just showed up at some point.  The only time I recall receiving an email telling me about one was when they did the gesture for the distribution problems that were causing mayhem.

Right now it seems that the postal service is well up the creek.  Probably off the back of increased demand, social distancing requirements and staff illness.  As a rule everything that Rebellion have sent out has turned up, just not always on time (prog drought for instance ...). 

Today's meg turned up but not the prog.  If things run true to form it will turn up Monday.  Although he snow may possibly put paid to that!

Personally I can't fault the customer service team.  Hard enough at present but with the postal service adding to the workload with their creative distribution practices ...

I've been the beneficiary of some cracking gestures.  The Last American bookplate debacle ended up with two cracking McMahon prints.  Another treasury bookplate that turned out to be out of stock ended up with me receiving a refund, a digital and non-bookplate edition.

I wonder though, and I've wondered about this before, whether the issue is because these are being treated as letter post rather than parcel post.  RM seem to be busting a gasket to get parcels through, even to the point of multiple deliveries in an area in a day.  Since letter post appears to be going to the dogs, that seems to be getting less attention.

I can see why Molch-R posted a defence of the guys trying to square this polygon.  If so much of the dispatch is going astray the physical product is simply not going to be there.  Not sure how much is hitting the high street right now with current restrictions.  That being the case, digital is really all they can offer (or a refund ... but then that means no prog at all ...)

Anyway, ... that Johnson fella seems to think it will all be over in a few weeks .... anyone else stocking up on canned goods?   ::)

Thanks chaps, there’s a few things I’m fancying in the shop just now and a discount would be wunderbar, but knowing my luck I’ll spend a packet then get the discount  the following week 🙄

On a separate note, I too have had over and above service from Simon, Denise would be proud 😉

Just to clarify what seems to be left very unclear in this thread -Mathis is from an email I received from 2000ad mid December

The subscriber vouchers are for first-time subscribers and should only be entitled to someone's account once.

I haven't got a voucher over the past year either. I assumed they had stopped doing them and am now very confused about what the situation is?


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