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Launch event for Robbie Morrison's first novel, Edge of the Grave


In case you haven't heard, Robbie Morrison's first novel is being published by Pan Macmillan on March 4th. Edge of the Grave is a crime thriller set in 1932 Glasgow, a city still recovering from the Great War; split by religious division and swarming with razor gangs.. Having read an advance copy I can say 2000 AD readers who enjoy Nikolai Dante or Shimura will savour every page!

There is a free online launch event on Thursday March 4th at 7.30pm in which Robbie will discuss his novel and career with former 2000 AD editor David Bishop. To sign up for the event email weethreeindies@gmail.com and they will send you the link the day before the event.

I will be on the lookout for this and I see it will be released on the Kindle as well.

Well fair play to him.  The odd thing is, I didn't really like his style of writing dialogue in the early days of Dante - there were too many words in bold and stock catchphrases, and it just didn't flow for me at all.  But he really, really nailed it as the series went on - I very rarely laugh out loud while reading the prog, but I did when Dante agreed with Jena that he was 'incorrigible', then added 'whatever that means'.

Obviously that wasn't a problem with the overarching plot though, which was epic and ingeniously planned from start to finish.  I think I'm going to buy this novel, me.

Also, respect to you, BishOP, for recognising nascent talent and giving him the start he deserved.

Bumping this up because Robbie's debut novel Edge of the Grave is published today by Pan Macmillan and his launch event is tonight! I'll be interrogating him from 7.30pm online. You can still get the link for the event tonight - just email weethreeindies@gmail.com and ask for the details.

I see Dave's got his own book out as well.



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