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2000ad Art Stars - ABC Warriors - winner announced


Colin YNWA:
The winner in the latest 2000ad Art Stars competition has been announced via Comicon.com and the article can be found here


There's plenty more entries over at the offical Art Stars Facebook page


As ever some wonderful stuff to see and admire.

Colin YNWA:
And the winning entry to be seen in a Prog near you soon.

Have to hand it to the judges, that is the one. Incredible work in so many of the others, particularly relevant team shots, but everything about that, from colours to comedy legs akimbo, is perfect. I want a t-shirt.

Great image. All 3 in that winners article are impressive. The talent out there is immense. I’d love to see Tharg give a double page spread in the Meg to 5/6 entries each month so they enter the records and encourage more.


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