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Forum’s Fav Thrill - D.R. Quinch vs. Nikolai Dante Rd 4 Heat 3

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The Enigmatic Dr X:
DR & Quinch. S'right

Dark Jimbo:
Lot of love for DR and Quinch, but it has to be Dante.

Dante overstayed like so many... so D.R. Quinch for me

Colin YNWA:

Well there was a lot of love for DR and Quinch, not surprising given it by Alan Davis and the Wizard of Northampton. Its even more impressive therefore that Dante JUST didn't get into the 20+ club in this vote. Dante does have detractors but is it building up enough support to mount a bid to lead the Tories... win the tourney? We will see in time for now we do know

Nikolai Dante

Will be swinging for your votes in Round 5.


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