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Classifieds / 2000AD collection for sale approx prog 180-1400
« on: 03 July, 2013, 11:47:49 AM »
Hi there,

A friend of mine is selling his progs and looking for a buyer for his progs, approx 180-1400 plus sundry other issues.

He is based in the north east.  Spennymoor.

Anyone interested, get in touch, make an offer and I'll pass your details on.

All the best


Hey there again

The great clearout continues and I have another Dredd poster, some old progs up on e-bay.  With some games stuff and other bits and pieces to follow.


Basically I'm trying to support myself as I launch my range of little lead people via Midlam Miniatures, so in theory anything is up for grabs :)  If anyone wants to make me a ridiculously high offer for progs 1-520, a Termight Dredd helmet, badge and buckle, PM me.  Reasonable offers will, of course, be ignored disdainfully.

All the best

Paul (the von) Scott

Classifieds / Titan Books - Judge Dredd and Judge Death door posters.
« on: 28 February, 2013, 09:35:53 PM »
Again, more stuff reluctantly dusted off and up for sale.  Love these, but I have nowhere to put them, and I'm trying to fund my miniatures project.


All the best


p.s. also some old late 60's/early 70's Valiants and Lions Lion/Eagles up there too.

Classifieds / More Steenkin' Badges up for sale (and Key Rings)
« on: 09 August, 2012, 10:35:30 PM »
Well, I've had a proper rake around in the thrill lock up, and have found some more badges, part of another set of the broach badges, a few that didn't sell first time round, and some other Dredd badges and a couple of Key Rings.


Next up (i.e. next week) will probably be computer games and posters.

All the best


Classifieds / 2000AD/Dredd/Other Badges and Keyrings up on E-bay
« on: 29 July, 2012, 12:36:54 PM »
Good afternoon citizens.

I'm currently raising funds for my favourious daft projects by clearing out lots of my 2000AD collectibles... ephemera... memorabilia... junk... er, stuff from the thrill closet and currently have some badges, keyrings and a Stallone film model kit up on e-bay (oooh... :)


I'll combine postage and all the usual stuff.

All the best


Welcome to the board / hello the hello there
« on: 24 June, 2011, 12:02:19 AM »
My name is paul, and I think judge dredd is really gud.  specially when he shoots peeple. in the head and feet.

I haven't been here for two years and I still average 3 posts a day.  Marvel at my works and despair!

Paul of the Von of the Scott.

Film & TV / Ross and Brand vs. Civilisation
« on: 29 October, 2008, 07:59:30 AM »
As this probably deserves its own thread (or to be completely forgotten about).

I only occasionally listen to Russel Brand, but usually tune into Ross' Saturday Radio show (where he's much less annoying that his TV show incarnation).  When I realised Ross had been on Brand's show I thought that would be worth a listen.  It was sort of entertaining, not as good as Ross' show, as Ross was depserately trying to keep up with Brand for the most part.


The Andrew Sachs phonecall was pretty embarressing and well out of order.  Brand wasn't behaving well before the call, and Ross jumped in during the call and it was unrecoverable from there.  What they should have done was erase the message while they could.  Failing that just phone back and apologise.  But it was made much worse by the following messages.  Car crash radio.

I thought it would be in the papers, but as at least a week had passed, I assumed it had all been dealt with.  Ross was quick to apologise and even admitted on air that he knew he'd made a mistake.

Then up pops the Daily Mail, who turn it into a story to sell papers.  They repeat the claims before an audience who likes to be outraged and it all goes out of control.  Now to my mind, the Daily Mail owes Sachs a huge apology.  Who would have heard of it and how bad would the damage have been if it wasn't for the Mail (and the rest)?  

Of all the people who have complained, I doubt many actually listened to that radio show (or went to listen to it just to be offended).  Certainly Gordon Brown and David Cameron didn't.  Or all the other self-righteous gimps who have crawled out from under their stones.

While I hugely dissaproved of the phone calls they made, have every sympathy for Sachs (who seems to have maintained his dignity throughout) and his family, and feel there should be a sanction against them, I have to say I feel compelled to side with them against the circus of twats up against them. Give them a slap and move on.

Off Topic / Career Change - Help me please, I want to cut up your brain
« on: 19 October, 2008, 06:00:15 PM »
Hi, I wondered if anyone had any contacts on how to become the experimental brain surgeon?  

For many years I have wondered what is in people's heads, and how to cut out the things that make them bad (i.e. are they a different colour, such as orange?).  Now, in my late mid-thirties I'd like to change career from library assistant to the cutter of the brain organ.  And yet, I don't know how, so I'm posting here on the message board for a comic which started in 1977 and continues to chronicle the adventures of Judge Dredd, sure I shall recieve an answer.

Please help, I am serious about mental.


p.s. I have already made a clinic in my shed, if you'd like to donor your brain, I have many buckets filled with vinegar readied and waiting.  I have practised on the squirrel, but it was not satisfying, and my home made anaesthetic failed both me and the squirrel, who sadly did not survive the delicate procedure with the masonry drill.

p.p.s. On second thought, how do I become Air-Traffic Controller, and control the big birds in the sky?  I shall make them peck my enemies to death.

Classifieds / Bernard's Alive! Wargames Foundry 2000AD Sale
« on: 15 October, 2008, 04:26:48 PM »
Just to let you know that Wargames Foundry is having a sale, and included in it are the 2000AD figures!  

While they are much cheaper, they still aren't exactly cheap. Typically down from £5 to £3 but you can buy the figures outside of the sets to let you pick and choose and buying 3 of a figure works out cheaper if you want to build a unit or join forces with two other people.

http://www.wargamesfoundry.com/xmaswint ... /index.asp

Th figures are on the whole very good, some very nice sculpts, though scale goes out the window for many of them they are 28-30mm.  For people rased ith new fangled painted miniatures, they are metal and unpainted.

I've cracked and ordered a bunch as I happen to be about to play a Strontium Dog Game.

Classifieds / Free Stuff for Squaxx
« on: 15 September, 2008, 12:02:10 AM »
Okay,the cataclismic sort out of '08 continues.  The following stuff is free in return for the postage.  Otherwise it goes in the next charity* bag/skip/recycling.  Anyone else ahs free stuff for squaxx, you can post it here.

Quatermass Novel - Novelisation of the fourth and final TV installment by Nigel Kneale.  It's a very good read, bit worn.

Shaun of the Dead Beer Mats - 3 of them.  I don't know why I ever wanted them, never mind you.

More stuff to follow...

All the best


*A Registered Evil Charity.

Classifieds / Heroclix, finishing it off
« on: 11 August, 2008, 10:49:10 PM »
Hey there, I thought as I'm keeping my 2000AD board games and rpg's in my clearout that I'd try and finish my heroclix lot.  And then, maybe have a game with them :)  Though I can't remember if I have the rules still.

I need the following:

Fear (V)
Fire (R,V)
Mortis (R,V)
Nemesis (R)
Torquemada (R)
Dredd (Promo)
Wulf (R,V)
Stix (S,V) (I also need a few more Stix, any rank, for a side-project)

I think there was an Anderson and Death unique as well.

I'm not looking to spend very much at all on these, hopefully mainly swaps, I have some 2000AD and a pile of DC ones (including some uniques).  If anyone else wants to swap figures, then feel free to use this thread to do so.

Books & Comics / Your Science Fiction Classic Novels
« on: 27 July, 2008, 12:33:04 AM »
It's been a while since I've read anything, but I've had a quest for a few years to catch up on all those classic SF books that I've never read.  I've just finished Dune, which I really enjoyed (and it made some sense out of the films/TV shows), though I won't be bothering with all the sequals.

Anyone else got some all time classics they'd suggest, or a link to a good list of books?



Classifieds / E-Bay Away Day
« on: 24 July, 2008, 12:46:14 AM »
Hi all, going to hopefully have some long months of getting rid of a lot of comics and RPG/games stuff over the next month or two.  If you're interested in either, please add me as a favourite seller.  Got rid of some of my comics, I still have my megs and 2000AD's 521-present to get rid of, not sure how to go about it, but if you're in the North East you can collect.


Anyone else want to e-bay pimp, feel free to use this thread...

All the best


Off Topic / Chat night anyone?
« on: 17 July, 2008, 12:39:16 PM »
Anyone fancy organising an alternative chat night somewhere on the net?  I don't know much about these things, but I'm guessing it must be possible.  They always used to be on Wednsedays and before the board was pulled I wuz enjoying them.



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