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Indeed. Was hoping some of knowledgable folk here might be able to recommend something that would enable me to record the audio of a Skype call please?

Film & TV / Help identifying a 70's childrens TV show please?
« on: 28 November, 2016, 04:07:29 PM »
Indeed. I think i asked this years and years ago, and i think someone here did come up with the answer but have long forgotten what it was.
So was hoping i might be able to have enlightenment again please?
Right, i dimly remember the following:
It was shown on Sundays,
on ITV i think,
but was (i think) Australian,
it had dinosaurs in it (think they were people in suits, rather than stop motion),
and there was some sort of control room where people were watching the dinosaurs on monitors.
And that's all i recall.
I've done a bit of searching and pretty sure it wasn't Land Of The Lost.
Ringing any bells?

Off Topic / An alternative to Amazon?
« on: 03 October, 2016, 07:03:03 PM »
Right, that's it.
I preorder Steve Macmanus's book - it arrives three weeks late.
I preorder Star Wars Rebels season 2 on Blu ray. Its released today. I don't get it. I get instead an email telling me there's a delay and delivery will be somewhere between 25th Oct - 25th Nov.
So, Amazon, get stuffed.
Which leaves wondering - is there a company that sells the same sort of goods, but is more reliable please?

Classifieds / Dave Taylor Judge Anderson page for sale.
« on: 15 July, 2016, 03:32:38 PM »
Desperate, desperate times here, and i'm having to sell something that I treasure and never thought i'd ever part with, and I'm regretting it already:


Classifieds / Carl Critchlow - "Sharks on legs!" page up for sale
« on: 11 May, 2016, 07:38:09 PM »
Right, a buckled bonnet, MOT passed but need two new tyres soon, road tax at the end of the month, never mind the other halves birthday in just over a week, has made me look to other things i'd rather not sell, but have no choice.
So, very reluctanctly, i'm putting this modern classic of a page up for grabs:


Classifieds / Lenny Zero cover prelim FS
« on: 06 January, 2016, 09:18:19 PM »

General / Dan Dare has landed...
« on: 04 November, 2015, 11:22:30 AM »
... and Bertie is one happy Biog to see himself in print  :D

... or "Zitzspear", available in all good shops now

Creative Common / Sneak peek at "The Three Amigos part2"
« on: 05 May, 2015, 10:59:24 AM »

Books & Comics / A Welsh heads-up
« on: 19 April, 2015, 02:35:28 PM »
Just back from a lovely holiday in North Wales, driving 'round visiting tons of neat places.
Llangollen was neat and then made even neater when we stopped into a combined cafe/second-hand book shop and found, laying in piles and piles on the floor stacked high, tons and tons of 70's and 80's British comics.
2000AD, Bullett, Warlord, Cor!, Beano, Battle - pretty much every title out back then, loads of them, and pricing from 25p to £1.50 a pop.
This is what we got - some for me, some for the Sprogs - als, not too many for me, as i don't need too many Actions etc now.
Highly recommended should you be in the area.

Creative Common / Seth the Blitspear
« on: 20 February, 2015, 09:02:55 AM »
Thrill Power Overload as i work on this i reckon.

General / Dark Judges shoulder pads
« on: 05 January, 2015, 05:54:28 AM »
Hey all, bit of a trivial post here but interested to see what folk think.
Just started a Judge Fear model and minds turning to the colour scheme for the fella. Most parts i know what i'm going to do, but the bear-trap shoulder pads offer up a variety of ways to go, and i was wondering what those in the know think.
So, how'd you see them in the "real world"?:
dirty yellow,
dirty gold,
a muted tan/brown affair,

Classifieds / Clint Langley Slaine page for sale
« on: 24 April, 2012, 10:54:22 PM »
Needs must i'm afraid and i really, REALLY would be loath to see this go, but i need funds and this drew the short proverbial:


Books & Comics / Wha's so special about these Batman Adventures?
« on: 19 April, 2012, 02:51:40 PM »
Hmmm, that's odd - been putting up bunches of four issues at a time of the Batman Adventures on eBay at 99p strarting bids.
No response with any, apart from issues 12-15, which are at nearly 11 quid right now and i've emails asking to take it off and private sell them.
Anyone know what's up and what's so special about them, or one of them?

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