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Author Topic: Armageddon, the Bad Man  (Read 9318 times)


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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Armageddon, the Bad Man
« Reply #15 on: 15 November, 2001, 04:14:01 PM »
>Joker's origins were pretty well revealed in The Killing Joke, by Alan Moore & Brian Bolland.

Yeah, I did consider that, but I also seem to recall that origin story was discredited later on (though they retained much of the rest of the tale as part of continuity).

(replying to this one, cos the other one don't work...)

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I told ya before...
« Reply #16 on: 16 November, 2001, 05:18:16 PM »
it's all been done by DC, when will you guys wake up to the fact that I'm brilliant and know what I'm talking about ;)

I'd still like to see a reprint of this in the meg though, if we have to have reprints, I know it dosn't fit with all the little biuts of Meg 1 history that we know from 2kad, but then most of it clashes with itself anyway

my vote for a new history of the meg, or prefrebbly a year zero, reworking of the whole thing
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Re: I told ya before...
« Reply #17 on: 16 November, 2001, 06:38:33 PM »

We don't want that DC dredd thingy.

Oh the memories still haunt me!

We want the real deal.

Oh I will shut up now cos I am starting to bore even myself!