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Author Topic: Zenith collection for sale  (Read 879 times)


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Zenith collection for sale
« on: 17 July, 2007, 04:01:13 PM »
As part of my ongoing quest to make cash and reclaim the floor of my office, I'm flogging a bunch of comics on eBay. First six issues of Diggle & Jock's Losers, original four-issue 1986 Dark Knight mini-series by Frank Miller, original five-issue 300 mini-series by Miller, a few other bits and bobs [Cerebus Number Zero gold ink logo with Dave Sim sketch inside, that kind of thing].

For 2000 AD readers, the best lot is 79 progs collecting every Grant Morrison & Steve Yeowell episode of Zenith. All four phases [incuding the never reprinted full colour Phase IV], the two interludes between Phases I & II, and zzzenith.com in Prog 2001.

The only Zenith stories missing were in annuals or specials, and didn't feature Yeowell artwork.

Bearing in mind the legal dispute that stymies efforts to reprint Zenith, this is golden opportunity to get all of Zenith in one lot.

Enough hype, here's the URL:

Link: Bish-OP goes eBay crazy with Zenith