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Author Topic: New Prog and Megazine  (Read 8135 times)


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Re: New Prog and Megazine............
« Reply #30 on: 28 September, 2002, 11:57:05 PM »
Scarlet Traces - Really enjoying this, but it seems like it's starting in the middle of the story. Are there early episodes? Any graphic novels?

Link: Welcome To Scarlet Traces!


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Re: New Prog and Megazine............
« Reply #31 on: 29 September, 2002, 12:07:47 AM »
I really enjoyed the art in Dredd. It was perfectly matched to the story, and was so lively that it was a real tonic after struggiling through Waterloo East station (thank you very much, you greedy bastard tube unions).

FS made me sick for all the struggling artists and writers out there who'd kill for 5 pages of prog to call their own and then have to suffer this crap. This really was the dregs. I'd rather have an epilogue for Bison than... oh bugger it. After enjoying Dredd so much, it made me want to hit something.

Glad SinDex is over, nuff sed. If the next off world saga doesn't shape up then they really need to be put on ice, or be given to a new scribe.

As for the Megazine..... A multiple orgasm in ink.
Aside from the admitedly average (but still very readable TPO), it had no weak points.
Durham Red - The most original yet. Real good choice of artist, too.
Spaghetti vendetta - Very good, though more slightly gratuitous tits 'n' ass. And the windmill seige just made me think of the Invisibles in the same situation. There's so few windmills in comics that you're bound to make such comparisons.
Scarlet Traces - Never read War of the Worlds (shame on me), but I know the story, and this is by far the strongest steampunk/ alternate future type story I've read. D'Israeli was a perfect choice of artist, also. What's with all the "It's grim up north" references in the Meg this month, though?

I agree though that I'm looking foward to the Meg more than tooth, these days. Scrap is the best thing in it at the moment, though I think that Droid Spurrier needs to get less cryptic. The flashback with the missiles was interesting, but poorly written, to the point of being confused and a little gabbling. Still a great read, though.


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Re: New Prog and Megazine............
« Reply #32 on: 29 September, 2002, 12:15:07 AM »
Thanks for the Scarlet Traces link - I have now have a nice new ST Wallpaper on my computer !
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