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Author Topic: PlayMountain  (Read 2666 times)


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« on: 11 April, 2013, 05:44:37 PM »
Years ago, I had the honour of being moderator for Steven Awalt's critically acclaimed www.spielbergfilms.com.
Regretfully that site is defunct. However, the community rose from the ashes and formed PlayMountain. We too started out as a Spielberg fansite, but over the years we've evolved into a general film site.


I'm a founding member and administrator, and contribute articles from time to time. The beauty of our site is that we review all the latest films, but every now and then you'll see an article on an old obscure one. There are no rules. We are a film website run BY film fans, FOR film fans. We were big supporters of Dredd aswell.

Please, come over and check the site out! And why not join the forums and have a chat while you're there?
Be lovely to see you guys...
Ma Ma's not the law... (you know the rest)