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Author Topic: Doomsday cuttings wanted!  (Read 611 times)


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Doomsday cuttings wanted!
« on: 25 July, 2003, 04:13:09 AM »
Just a general appeal to people out there who can read.  Whether that's newspapers, magazines, or cult pamphlets.

What I'm hoping to get is people who can send my cuttings about material relating to the end of the world, potential threats to civilisation and the like for a comic/magazine that a few of us are working on called THE END IS NIGH which deals with the apocalypse in science, fiction, religion and reality.  It's an entirely politically/scientifically and religiously neutral magazine so we're interested in everything.

So whether you read the Star, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, the Sport, The Guardian, whatever, I'd love to recieve any such clippings, by post or scans.  

I buy the guardian once a week for the TV guide, and barely even scratch the surface of the paper, so I'm not much use myself (tsk) but I'm hoping the people here are generally more useful.  I got handed a Daily Mail article about killer weeds the other day which was very exciting :)

Anyone who wants to contribute articles, strips, pictures, reviews of fact and fiction apocolypse please drop me a line at:  paulvonscott@yahoo.co.uk

Or visit the sleepy Yahoo group at:


Thank you for listening