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mark xiii:

Is there any chance of posting a few pages of the mighty Gibsons pencil work from the recent Dredd story? I'd also like to see the inks before the (awful) colour was added.

It would make this struggling artist very happy to see these if it's possible...

Thanks in advance,


Thread Zero:
You could always photocopy the art in black and white!


I'm never sure whether your responses are serious or not, scojo, so I'll err on the genuine side for this one.

Photocopied color artwork reproduces the color as gray it doesn't "remove" the colour. The original black and white will look radically different from photocopied colour pages.

 If you scan the pages into photo shop, you can isolate the black line work. This won't be perfect and would be tricky where Blythe has butchered the line work.
I know it's not exactly what your looking for, but there's no reason why it shouldn't work.
I'll see if i can post an example here later on.

From what i gather about mark's request, he wants to see the linework as unbutchered as possible because within this one can glean some information about the thinking an artist puts into his/her work.

the best opportunity is to seet he lineart itself in the flesh as one can see all the little tricks an artist has used to create effects. merely scanning and isolating the black lines in photoshop wouldn't really do this, as any subtlety in line would be lost in the process.

what you would end up with is an apporximation of the line, kinda like original art which has been photocopied 20 or so times.

Anyway, there's plenty of pencil/line art in the artwork section!!



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