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The Dream Warriors

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So I just woke up from a crazy dream. Bruce Forsyth was my lecturer for Bio Science!

I just had to do a google search and see if he is still alive.

Any dream interpreters here who can shed some light on what it means?

The Legendary Shark:
Science to see you, to see you, science.

Eric Plumrose:
You get nothing for a base pair.


--- Quote from: Eric Plumrose on 05 March, 2016, 09:14:55 AM ---You get nothing for a base pair.

--- End quote ---


I keep dreaming that I'm still at school / university, with shitloads to do and little chance of getting it done.  Which is exactly how things were for me back then; so it's possibly a the middle-class, pampered-generation version of PTSD. I always wake up stressed and anxious, which gradually gives way to intense relief that all that stuff was years ago and I'm in gainful (if unconventional and erratic) employment.

Is this a regular thing for people of my age? Will it ever stop?

(Mind you, it's almost worth it for the feeling of appreciation for what my life is actually like.)


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