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Richard S.:
Any Frank Quitely fans out here help me out? I've always wondered how many issues of 'Electric Soup' featured his work. I've found a few covers but not sure about interior work. Thanks!

Richard S.:
Good luck if you're bidding on nay of thee lovely itmes tonight

Richard S.:
I don't know very much about Marvel UK's (1994) 'Jim Henson's muppet babies' comic except that it's not to be confused with Marvel UK's 'Muppet babies' comic from about a decade earlier! At least 3 issues and a special.

Richard S.:
An original page from early Dan Dare story 'The red moon mystery' is my highlight of the current Catawiki auction of original (British) comic art

Richard S.:
An intriguing couple of lots up for auction this week relating to the 1976 Ally Sloper comic 'revival' by Denis Gifford - the art 'jam' piece includes contributions from Kevin O'Neill (faintly!), Hunt Emerson & many more - it's really big so thing carefully before bidding


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