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Per my inappropriate musings over on the film thread, here's an actual thread to test the water on a new art comp for the forum.

To reiterate my reasoning for a 'Sketch Competition' from the original post, for those who missed it:

--- Quote ---Two reasons for the "Sketch" thing — 1) I don't want to steal any of the official comp's thunder, and 2) with the old forum comps, the long deadline ended up with perfect being the enemy of, well, finishing anything for a lot of people… so I wondered if there'd be any interest in an informal competition with a short deadline and a time limit on the actual work so people (well, me, for a start) wouldn't perpetually blow the deadline.
--- End quote ---

My thoughts so far are: maybe do one a month, based around a theme or character as always — people have a week to post their entries, followed by a week of voting, but the entries have to be completed within a time limit. Multiple entries are allowed, if you warm to the theme, but you can only spend X amount of time on each drawing.

So the first big question is: how long would be a good maximum time limit? You don't have to spend the full amount of time on it, and there will be a certain amount of good faith required from the participants — I'm going back and forth between 30min and an hour, but I have a little voice in the back of my head that says "No — make it fifteen minutes!"

If we can't come to a consensus, I'll probably split the difference at 30min, but if a clear preference emerges then we'll do that instead. There'll probably be a few odd details to thrash out on top of that, but this will give us a good starting point.

The floor is yours!

30 min to an hour sounds fair to me. A decent doodle can take anything up to half an hour so give some extra to work it into something nice.

If you want to keep it monthly (and why not) then maybe Days 01-20 to submit, rest of the month to vote before counting up on the last day. Winner chooses next character?

This reminds me of a Daily Sketch Challenge thing I sometimes participated in back in the day.  It has its advantages and disadvantages.  The advantage is you don't have time to worry about what you are doing and you just get it done.  It's a good art exercise.  The disadvantage is that you could easily still end up with a lot of incomplete work and we'd have to police ourselves.

I wonder whether multiple entries is appropriate for a quick sketch challenge like this.  One entry per person may be better so we just pick our favourite sketch to use as an entry.

The time frame could be flexible, so it's part of the "theme" rather than a steadfast rule.  For instance month one it's a 30 minute sketch challenge and month two you have a week to work on it/them.

I like winner chooses next theme/character.

For me, the most important aspects of a new comp is it needs to be fun and casual.

Looking forward to seeing everyone else's thoughts.  I like the idea of deciding the ins and outs collectively so thanks Jim for creating the thread :)

Alternatively, we could extend it to be bi-monthly.  It gives people more time to explore their ideas and get pieces finished to the level they are happy with.


--- Quote from: pictsy on 26 January, 2021, 11:31:38 AM ---Alternatively, we could extend it to be bi-monthly.  It gives people more time to explore their ideas and get pieces finished to the level they are happy with.

--- End quote ---

My thought behind the short deadline was to focus the mind. With the old one, we'd lose multiple entries every month to people's boundless capacity to procrastinate (not least me). I think a daily challenge would be too tight, because we have a lot of forum members who don't necessarily check in daily, but my thought was most people could find thirty minutes somewhere in a week.

Really, I just wanted a comp where people needed to bang something down on paper/tablet/phone/whatever and get it in without worrying too much about polish — often that spontaneity is more interesting than something that's been laboured over, no matter how lovingly.

I'm wondering now about having a one-week submission period, but maybe announcing the theme a week ahead of opening the comp submission thread, so people can mull it over and maybe have a few attempts, but retaining the focus of only having seven days to actually get an entry in.

I can see the idea behind one entry per person, although that would probably lead to a flurry of entries at the last minute as people do several, then umm and ahh over which one to enter…

Colin YNWA:

--- Quote from: pictsy on 26 January, 2021, 11:31:38 AM ---For me, the most important aspects of a new comp is it needs to be fun and casual.

--- End quote ---

Yeah defo this and I think what Jim is aiming at will support this. I think 30 minutes sounds good as that is a sketch and really drives to that loose - fun we can all take part (I have some new grey tone pens this will be the perfect excuse to try out!) and stops things getting too worked up.

We should ask Buttonman how long he needs to work up his MS Paint masterpieces and use that as the benchmark!

Thanks so much for approaching this Jim I really miss the Art Comp and this is a great way to get it back here without treading into the Art Stars Comp territory ...


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