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The Completely Unofficial 2000AD Sketch Competition #1: Postcards From Nu Earth

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So… it’s the first forum Sketch Competition. We may end up tweaking the format/rules to make it work better but, for now, here’s how it works:

The theme for this one is: Postcards from Nu Earth.

We frequently talk about what a rich and fertile environment for the imagination Nu Earth is, so give us a snapshot. Imagine you’re a war artist, or a photographer, or a random bystander, or a participant, and give us an image of the future war hellscape that is Nu Earth.

The only wrinkle is: no Rogue Trooper. He can’t be in it. Anything else. Chem-mists over the biowire, aliens haggling in the Gasbah, meds at work on the front line, Norts digging latrine pits… whatever! Something from Nu Earth that doesn’t have Rogue in it.

It doesn’t have to be something we’ve specifically seen in the strips, as long as it feels like it belongs on (or above, or underneath) Nu Earth.


You have a week to think it over and get sketching if the inspiration takes you. There’ll be a new thread along a week today for entries. That thread will be open for one week only.

You can submit as many sketches as you like to the entries thread, but you’ll have to nominate one (of your own!) to go forward to the voting thread.

This is a sketch competition, so you can use whatever medium takes your fancy — digital, traditional, mashed potato sculpture,* but please don’t spend more than 45 minutes on any individual entry.

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good — spontaneity is what we’re after here. No one’s standing over you with a stopwatch, but please try not to run over. Similarly, we want as many entries as possible — if you can only find fifteen minutes, don’t let that stop you. If all you’ve got time for is something in biro on a Post-It, great! Get it up on the thread!

When we get to submitting entries, if you have any problems at all getting your image onto the forum (especially since there’s a size limit on attachments to forum posts) then send me a PM via the forum, and I’ll give you my email address so you can send me the image and I’ll host the image on my Imgur account and post the entry on your behalf.

Get scribbling, thrill-fans! If you have any questions, post ‘em below, or PM me.

*I think I’m going to draw the line at straight photo-manipulation, for now, at least. That seems a little contrary to the idea of a sketch comp, but it’s something we can revisit if people think that’s too restrictive.

Colin YNWA:
Thanks so much for starting this Jim - not a theme I naturally gravitate to but that's a good thing. I'll get my thinking cap on and new pens out...

Commenting here so this thread appears in my "updates to" tab. Not sure how I missed it otherwise, but did see the other "ICYMI" thread. Strange. Now: to think on what to draw!.

I got a few ideas for this... c'mon saturday!
Thanks for this Jim :)

Colin YNWA:
I know we can't have Rogue but is another GI, discernably  not Rogue okay? Sorry to be the one who asks rules questions but I'm really keen on my idea but don't want it to up end the premise you are going for Jim.

Oh and more Wiooly art- YAH!


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