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Does My Figure look big in this?

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Rogue Judge:
Awesome Rogue Trooper figure, well done!

Trooper McFad:
First a big shout to those fellow Squax budding model makers who still have those projects that they have hidden away for years. Please post on this thread and share this with us your fellow 2K fans.

Anyway now that the Advent has started and I have posted my efforts here are a few more pics.

Details of the project are:

I used the minis from Warlord games (bought extras) and old pine curtain rings that were lying up in the loft.

The Anderson santa hats, string of baubles and tinsel are all made from milliput. (I did look for silver and gold pipe cleaners but couldn't find any).

I prefer the Anderson - I think the hat does it.

I did have another 3 minis to change but time ran out so I will park the for next year.

I'm currently busy with 3 other mash ups at various degrees of completion but with the crimbo holidays about to give me some spare time I should finish at least one.

Anyway have a happy Christmas when it comes.



I, Cosh:
These are all brilliant. Can't believe I'm on this site every day and I've never seen that Stogie before.

Colin YNWA:
Yeah these have been such a treatg and such a fantastic way to kick off the Advent Calendar.

Trooper McFad:
Thanks guys but my hope is that this thread would winkle out more model makers (amateurs like myself).

This board is full of talent from the short stories, Dread heads, sketches, Lego builds etc I can’t believe I’m the only one trying his hand at model mashups!


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