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Funt Solo:
Some examples of one-page stories in the comic:

Future Shorts

Game of the Gods 1445
A Sound of Intergalactic Thunder 1449
Doom Dream Of Destiny 1481
Stasis 1510
Bar Flies 1517

The first three were reprinted in the Meg 416 floppy.


Tales From Mega-City One

Wreckers 523
[Marital Disputes] 525
Quarantine 526
[Fire!] or [Taxidermist] 534
[Father Time] 539
[My Favourite Laundrette] 605
Bazooka Bowl M2.41
Mega-City Massage M2.45
Swagbag M3.12

The first four were reprinted in X22.


Tharg's Alien Invasions

Mr Meat Bingo's Zombie Umbrella 1344
The Orange Jellyfish Crisis p2004, FCBD5
Rain p2004, FCBD4
The Mysterious Petroleum Wedge p2004
Mind Simulator Earth Edition 1377
The Choir Visible p2005, FCBD5
Sign Here p2005
Stan's Pair p2005

This is really bleak, PJ.  I love it :D

Summertime on Icarus LV-426. Love it. Tharg needs to find space for this and more like it.

(Shudder) That's brilliant, that is.

Brilliant stuff, thanks PJ!

I really hope you've got a series of these 1-page shocks in the making. The Progs crying out for this kinda stuff, and looking at the list of 1-page tales already printed a few more might make for a great floppy one day!


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