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Schicklgruber Grab vs. The Son - Bolt-01 Cup - Group 3 Game 3

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Colin YNWA:
A tie in one of the opening games of Group 3 means that there is a lot to play for still and this could well become the most interesting Group. We will know more at the end of the match ups.

All you need to worry about which is your favourite between:

The Schicklgruber Grab - more info


The Son - more info

Just reply in this thread naming your favourite of these two stories at the beginning of your post (or use Bold tags so I can spot it easily) and say what you like about these wonderful stories after that.

Match ends early on the morning of Saturday 25th September and the winner (I’ll count up who gets the most votes basically) gets 3 points towards qualifying… huh…

… there’s a spreadsheet to make following easier… if you fancy. If not, don’t worry just VOTE!!!!

I’ve tried to explain the finals here.

What on Earth is ALL of this?

Why on Tharg’s Earth head are we doing this?

Any questions, just ask as ever - and have FUN!

Oh and my ‘More info’ links… well I don’t say how much more and they get pretty wonky at times!

The Schicklgruber Grab

Trooper McFad:
The Schicklgruber Grab for me

The Son. Controversial perhaps, but I never jibed with the Schiklgruber Grab - a bit TOO knowing for my tastes.

The Son, for two reasons. Firstly The Grubergrab was before my time in the prog, but more importantly The Son is a wonderful and touching callback to Wolf and a fitting end to the saga as a whole. Carlos going out on a high.


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