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Mister Pops:
Not to be confused with Shed 17

Rara Avis:
I have to verify my age to watch that ... a quick google search tells me it's something to do with Thomas the Tank Engine?

Thoroughly enjoying “Charlie Jade” from way back in 2005.

Well, finally got round to watching the second series of Whedon's Dollhouse.  Actually, both seasons back to back which worked reasonably well.

It's not hideous, to be sure.  There are plenty of good ideas packed in.  Tudyk hams it up big style as a psycho in the few episodes he is in.

One nice thing is that the writing on the wall clearly gave the creative team the heads up to wrap things up.  The net result being that there is a conclusion of sorts.

Mister Pops:
Mare of Easttown

In which the lovely Kate Winslett shrugs off the Galbrush paradox and plays the kind of awful, alcoholic, self-destructive detective role that's normally reserved for middle aged men. As for plot, it's the kind of small-town murder mystery that could have easily been used for a season of Fargo. The kind of plot when whodunnit is less important than why-does-this-character-suspect-that-character-dunnit.


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