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Up to episode 4 of Peacemaker, rather enjoyable if you like James Gunns style.  Lots of lol moments but also has a fair bit of heart.  John Cenna is great in it and the rest of the cast are great too with Vigilante a stand out especially in episode 4.
Also has one of the greatest opening credits ever 😁

CU Radbacker

I, Cosh:
Enjoying Warrior at the moment. It's a sort of kung fu Peaky Blinders gang series seemingly spun out of the backstory of the Mr Wu episode of Deadwood. The lead, Andrew Koji, does a great line in smug condescension and the fight scenes (guaranteed at least one decent one per episode) are the best I've seen on a tv show.

Over the past few months we've also dabbled in:

Designated Survivor is basically 24 but now Jack's too old to run around himself. It starts out quite fun but the conspiracy elements quickly go from absurd to totally absurd and there's always that tension between the liberal wish fulfillment politicking storylines and the desire to the see the bad guys get unambiguously stomped. Infuritatingly, we've only watched the first series because my partner - who wanted to start it in the first place - got fed up with it while I'm still secretly dying to know how the thriller part plays out.

House of Paper/Money Heist/Whatever it's called there. Spanish series about a lengthy robbery going right, then wrong, then maybe right again. Lots of changing relationships, slowly evolving backstories and double-crosses where virtually everyone is some kind of dickhead or hijo de puta. Good idea and a soupcon of commentary on Spain's particularly difficult experience of the recent austerity years. The evolution of one character from mild-mannered academic mastermind to Spanish Ethan Hunt stretches things a bit but never mind.

There's a natural break after the second Netflix series. Doubt we'll go back for the rest but up to here it was pretty good fun.

About a million years late to the party: the first series of Stranger Things. I'm sure this one has been discussed at length here. A very well put together homage to eighties pop culture which manages to go beyond the trap of simply being a set of references and tell its own story within that setting. Obviously, the number one thing they picked up on and got absolutely right was making the central characters exactly the right kind of slightly dorky, slightly awkward, competely average (in a good way) and natural kids.

And, of course, Christmas was the time when we briefly resubscribe to Sky and watch Chernobyl again. Astonishingly powerful tv.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Was surprised how much I enjoyed this.  I got tired of comedy shows a while ago because of how mean-spirited they mostly seemed to be.  This one is actually a lot more sweet and adorable.  I like most of the characters, I didn't get bored and I actually laughed.  Out loud.  More than once.  I think it resolves its conflicts in the right amount of time and the series as whole wrapped up nicely.  It even acknowledges the systemic and institutional problems of the police force without tired apologist nonsense about bad apples and isolated cases.  It's not a great social commentary, but it was a breath of fresh air that it got as much right as it did.  Really glad I watched it, it's going to go into the pool of TV shows I rewatch.  My favourite character is Rosa.

Adventure Time

Love this cartoon.  Maybe this time around I'll finally watch the final episode.  I like how it builds upon itself to create a rich world and story.  My favourite character is Marceline the Vampire Queen.

The Legendary Shark:

Just been through The Sopranos again and loved it (again). I still love the ending and think it comes just at the right time, before things get too repetitive. Great stuff.

Colin YNWA:

--- Quote from: The Legendary Shark on 30 January, 2022, 06:25:49 PM ---
Just been through The Sopranos again and loved it (again). I still love the ending and think it comes just at the right time, before things get too repetitive. Great stuff.

--- End quote ---

Really must do a rematch. I adore that show and think the end is pretty much perfect.


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