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New Bladerunner TV and Aliens show in the offing.

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Variety has some news with a two for one thrilltastic overload! I must stop re-reading old progs!

The basic premise for those is an odd one. Blade Runner would almost be quaint now as a TV show. The films are slow and attempt to be noir. They work within themselves, but breaking that out to ten hours would be a big challenge.

Alien comics have shown there’s space in that universe, although I’d have much preferred that happen before Scott attempting to explain everything, rather than leave mystery at the heart of everything. (That massive spaceship in Alien was awe-inspiring. I didn’t need him to then fill in the backstory.) Still: Noah Hawley. His stuff can be bumpy, but the first three seasons of Fargo were superb as was the first of Legion (before it disappeared right up its own arse).

Funnily enough, I'm still buying both comics and enjoying them, Not sure if I fancy the above thro.

The article says it's the first Alien story set on Earth - I'm sure some caveats would have to be added to that (even taken as a given that they mean 'aliens on Earth' and not 'scenes on Earth before the characters head to space')...

Actually, never mind that - both Aliens Vs Predator films were set on Earth, so we don't even have to resort to novels and comics...


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