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The League of Gentlemen

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Mr D:
I could see what they were trying to do with S3, but it didn't work for me. I'd like to see more though, see where it goes from here etc.

season 3 ruled.

and did u know that Dean Tavalouris worked on Apocalypse now?

"Charlie! Shurrup!! I'm doin me program!!"

Heard abou thti sa while ago... (with thanks to SFX mag...)

'The League of Gentlemen have finished the script for their first big screen outing, and are hoping the Ray Harryhuasen will come out of retirement to work on the project.....Decribed by Jeremy dyson as "royston vasey meets The Matrix", the film is about 2 years away from release..... They promise a film that, while attached to the series in terms of continuity, will be a proper CINEMATIC movie that will add many new characters to the League comic universe. "It's not a Royston Vasey film per se. It starts there, but it is a very big idea. I mean, there are a lot of familiar faces, but it's a big concept film and it has a lot of surpirsing twists and turns" (mark Gatiss).

Hmm.. wets me appetite does that....

The league rock,

that's my little input

The most I've ever seen of TLOG was the last half of tyhe last episode (a pub or shop or grocer burnt down).

My (now ex) girlfriend wouldn't have it on in the house, even though she'd never seen it she decided it was rubbish, so as a result I never got to watch the thing.


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