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Any one read Sebastian O?

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Keeping this thread as Spoiler-free as possible...

I see that Vertigo are putting out a TPB of Morrison/Yeowell's "Sebastian O" - anyone read it?

How good is it?

Oooh. I read it, and liked it very much indeed.

Endings kind of bleh though.

Yeah- very good- but it feels like its an introduction to a character- kind of rushed or something- plenty of good ideas . Nice art
Get it if its not too dear

House of Usher:
Yes, I read it and enjoyed it. I don't know how much I'd be prepared to pay for a trade paperback of it though. ?4.00? I seem to remember tracking down all three bits of it for about 50p each.

Byron Virgo:
Excellent art from Steve Yeowell (as usual) and an intriguing, 'steam punk' story from Morrison. I think you can pick it up, collected, for about ?6.50, although it doesn't add much to the original series, other than a timeline from humorous Morrison. It's worth having the original covers as well, if just for the gold lame boarders and trimming on the first issue.

However, it's definitely worth reading since...
The Matrix rips it off disgracefully, and it has a much better ending than the empty headed, meaningless neo-christian posturing of the Wachowski brothers.


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