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Armageddon, the Bad Man

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Remember that old Alan Grant series in megazine volume one. Does anyone have any interest in it being continued or have have any idea how it was to be continued.

It was supposed to be the start of the exploration of the origin of Dredd's world.

Surely that is still tantalising.

Thread Zero:
I for one would love it to continue.

Ask Matt here. He loves that story!

Maybe one day the bad man saga will continue.
Well we can wish!

But Alan Grant is not interested I think.

John W, get writing it man!


Thread Zero:
Just had an idea.

Maybe the new editor of 2k and the Meg should seriously consider the "History of Dredd " storyline.

I am sure it could be a classic epic saga. Full of great characters, and it would be nice to finally know the definitive history.

It would beat boring history lessons at school that's for sure!

scojo - teacher's pet

The bring back Armageddon campaign starts here!!!!


> The bring back Armageddon campaign starts here!!!!

Umm ... my memory could be at fault here, but wasn't 'Bad Man' creator-owned?

Notwithstanding varying opinions on the quality of the series (I hated every panel of it, FWIW), surely any publisher would be out of their mind to allow a _creator-owned_ series to define the back-story of their most valuable property ...?




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