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Richmond Clements:
Well, what do we think then?
I only played the first level so far, but it's already a huge improvment on the last effort.
There has been a great leap forward in the controls, with jumping and climbing being a lot more intuitive this time. Common sense touches like Lara grabbing on to ropes herself, with the need to perfectly time a button press.
Looks lovely too, so all in all, so far so good.

I'm in Japan at the moment facing up to the boss and he's pretty hard...

I'm in work at the moment. I would face up to the boss, but he's at home in bed, the lazy fecker...

Are you sure you're playing Tomb Raider and not Bukkake Warrior, Larf? ;)

I think I'll wait for a 2nd hand cheapo one. Good is it?



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