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,Mr. Nice:
Hmmn, I rather wimply stayed exactly the other side to him and hid behind the statues, and just used infy ammo pistols for ages ;).
Even without on a "grey lock" as opposed to a "red lock", some bullets still hit. It just means the vast majority miss (were talking 90% if them here ;)), unlike a red lock where the vast majority hit.

Richmond Clements:
It only took a couple of minutes in the end, to off him with all the jumping and rolling.

Now I'm stuck on the top of a staute in Africa. I know what I have to do... but it's getting the timing right.

I'm in Africa now facing up to lots of bad guys towards the end of the level (thanks for the tips in Japan BTW) - tip on this level, don't blow the barrels.

I'm playing it on Adventurer level because I'm not a girl, oh hang on a minute I'm playing a girl in the game, bugger where's Curtis Trent when you need him...

Finished this at the weekend. Pretty good game, great graphics, good storyline but...

Way too short.

Way too easy (I'm halfway through again on difficult and cannot see the difference)

I'm hoping that this is a stop gap game prior to a big release on the PS3. If this is the state of play (NPI) of tomb raider for the future then it's truly disappointing...

Devons Daddy:
i have this arriving on saturday,
got it based on the game mag reviews.
glad to hear its a decent enough game to play.

anyone got BLACK? also arriving on saturday. from all i have heard, its simply a story free shoot up everything with big guns.


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