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Mike Carroll:
Just watched last night's Battlestar Galactica: so what did we all think of those ads for the Rogue Trooper game? Me, I think they looked great! I even cheered when the first one came on!

I think they missed a chance by not including the 2000 AD logo, though...

- Mike

Nuts, I wish I'd been keeping up with Battlestar now! Shows it's being taken seriously which is nice :)

Mike Carroll:
The game's received a five-star review in the latest SFX!

I just hope that the 2000 AD logo is prominent in the game's opening screens (as it was in Dredd vs. Death).

- Mike

Video feature tonight at Gamespot...


Link: Gamespot TV

Keef Monkey:
Didn't see the ads, but seems very strange they didn't use the logo, sounds like a missed pr opportunity for the comic. Game looks incredible though.


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