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Dredd vs Death: help!

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Brother Ron:
Picked up the current bargain release of the Dredd vs Death game for a fiver (my PC wasn't up to snuff  to play it on its original release, but I've since upgraded).

I've come unstuck on the level where Judge Death possesses that ropey looking Hulk corpse and Dredd has to rescue Anderson from the psi-beams. Any helpful tips on what to do?

You just run around freeing all the other psi-judges  trapped in the spikey chairs and bingo.

Find the sulphur crystals and fashion a rudimentary chemically-propelled missile using a conical silicone deposit as the 'barrel'.  Wait until you can see his cold, reptilian eyes up close, then let him have it.  Worked for me.

That, or just run away from him and hold down the action button over the psi-judges to release them one at a time.  And that's it.

Previous posts pretty much cover it, but don't bother shooting at the big monster, just run around and doubleback a lot. When you get a bit ahead of it go to one of the 4 psi judges on the beds and hold action until the pins retract and they fall from the chairs. Don't kill them, although the real Dredd would do this in a Mega City minute, killing them fails the level.

Once all 4 (or is it 3?) Psi judges are free you should be rewarded with the pisspoor end sequence.

oh yes shoot all skelingtons as well or they come up behind you and do bad things


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