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looks like the new tomb raider is already yesterdays news.  the new game blowing every one away is the new dragon quest game.  been playing it for a day and am officially obsessed with it.  it's got character designs by the guy who did dragon ball z, a character who's kind of like a really camp yoda, a bad guy with the best name ever (Dhoulmagus)and a lot of rock solid RPGing.  it's a joy to play.  check it outLink: gamespot review

Aaron Smurf Murphy:
And it only took over 18 months to get here!

Finn Sinn

The Amstor Computer:
Euro localisation on such a text-heavy project must be a mind-fuck, though. IIRC, aren't most PAL releases now published in up to six languages? You can certainly see why a title like DQVIII might take a little while to make it over here...

(of course, none of this denies the fact that PAL gamers are still getting the shitty end of the stick when it comes to game releases :-( )

Aaron Smurf Murphy:
Fair point but bloody hell, 18 months to translate a product into several euro languages when Square has a Euro HQ and a history of dealing with the market? Surely it should've taken a year tops?

Ah well, it's here now. Personally I'm still buying DS games a plenty.

Finn Sinn

My brother smashed this to bits rather than take the chance he would ever play it again.  Apparantly, it got to a certain point in the game, then it all went downhill at a 90 degree angle and became the most frustrating RPG he's ever played, putting him off the genre for a full two months (at last count).  I wouldn't mind, but he's hogged the PSP and Daxter.
To put the 'frustrating' thing in context, he's played and finished every Final Fantasy game at least twice, ditto Wild Arms (even part 3), the Xenosaga games (including Xenogears for the PS1), the .Hack games, the Shadowhearts games, and god knows how many badly-translated text-heavy snooze-marathons that any sensible person wouldn't touch with a bargepole - not an RPG newbie by any means.

I suspect a murder-spree may be coming to your little island soon...


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