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Dragon Quest

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well, i still like it...

jen goes all pouty coz no one shares her taste in games....

Roger Godpleton:
I'm currently plowing my way through. It's fun, but the learning curve is non-existent, meaning about 2 thirds of my time is spent levelling up. And yes, I hate PAl shafting.

Can I play imported ds games off the shelf?

Aaron Smurf Murphy:
Yes, handheld hardware is difficult and semi pointless to put region barriers on. Any DS game will work on your machine the only real barrier is language.

Also, in some circumstances (but not always) copies of the same game from different regions haven't allowed wi-fi play. I remember a guy with a JAP DS trying to connect to a Wi-Fi Metroid game with me and two other blokes with no luck. It's rare though and only affects local wi-fi gaming (if you connect to the net there's no problems)

I imported Advance Wars DS about 2 weeks before UK launch because I was too impatient.

Finn Sinn


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