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Hi peeps. I've just got a wireless router in my house so I've been playing several Nintendo DS games online against random people from god knows where. I just wondered if any of you have any of the following games and are able to play online--
Mario Kart
Animal Crossing
Metroid Prime: Hunters

If so, what do you need to swap friend codes?

Bugger it, here's my email address if you want to swap friend codes. Apparently having each other's friend codes gives us more options on the games, plus the satisfaction that I can gloat about kicking your behinds on this board! BWA HA HA HA!

Ah yes...the email address...

Devons Daddy:
My boy has a DS,but is not into the wi-fi as here you have to pay for it at this time.

if that changes i will get him to drop you a line.

The Amstor Computer:
Got them all, but I'm not playing much online at the moment.

If you want to play with a member of this board, you'll need to exchange friend codes (and, in the case of Animal Crossing, a note of your town & name IIRC) and enter them on your DS Friends list for that game. Then, both go online at the same time & search for Friends. You should find each other and be able to set up a match. AC works slightly differently - one person will invite another into their town - but it's pretty simple to figure out.

If you want to add me to your Friends lists, my codes for each game are:

Tetris DS

6939 8002 3283

Mario Kart DS

3479 5238 0810

Metroid Prime: Hunters

0730 8278 2677

I've managed to lose my AC cart, but if I find it I'll post that info here as well.

Tetris is a blast in Wi-Fi mode, and while I haven't really put in much time in Metroid Prime: Hunters, the little I have played has been great fun. Mario Kart is a little basic, but Wi-Fi in that is still a fun experience.


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